How much sugar do you drink?

The answer is easy to find out and chances are, it will surprise you. Take part in Heart & Stroke’s Count Your Cubes 4-week challenge and learn what happens when you take action to reduce the amount of sugar you drink.

Participate on your own, as a family or as a team!  This challenge is perfect for people of all ages.  Together, we can make better beverage choices for our health AND have fun doing it too! 

Your heart will thank you for it.

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Water is highly respected in Indigenous culture and really is the best choice when you want something to drink.

Did you know that half of your body is made of water? That’s why water is very important for life, so make sure you drink enough if it. In Indigenous cultures water is one of the four elements, earth, wind, water and fire. If you don’t have clean safe drinking water to choose – look for a drink with the lowest amount of sugar, and the most healthy in terms of nutrition.
Drink Water. It’s the best choice!

Why take the challenge?

You might just kick the sugary drink habit, lower your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and maintain or reach a healthy weight.

Limit sugary drinks.
Your teeth and mouth will love you!

Feel better by drinking more water and feel proud of doing something positive for your health.
  • water


    If you're thirsty, drink water

  • sugarcube


    4 grams of sugar = 1 cube

  • lime


    Flavour your water with herbs and berries such as basil and strawberries

  • citrus


    TRY carbonated water with a splash of citrus instead of pop

  • coffee


    add nutmeg & cinnamon to your coffee or tea instead of sugar or honey

  • fruit


    Choose whole fruit over fruit juice

Is the time right for you to take the challenge?

Login to check out the easy-to-use Count Your Cubes calendar, designed to monitor your progress.  There's no better time to start than now!

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The online sugary drink challenge concept originated in PEI through provincial government funding.The project has also been made possible through generous support from Cando Rail Services and The Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation.

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